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Waterfall Index

The index to all the waterfall photos, arranged by region and alphabetically.


Favorite Waterfall Photos

Don't have time to wade through the 100+ photos in the index?

Take this link to my current 20 favorite waterfall photos.


On The Trails

Usually the waterfall isn't the only thing worth seeing.

Take this link to see some non-waterfall photos.



Images made from multiple digital photos stitched together

in a row or a column.


Interactive Panoramas

 360 degree interactive images.


GSM 360

A virtual tour of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Web Links

Links to my favorite waterfall and other web sites.


Why does this site exist?

How I caught Waterfall Fever and other short stories.


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7/2/06:  Created the GSM 360 page.


4/4/06:  Added Mill Creek Falls, Believer Falls,

 and Little Creek Falls

added a new picture to  Midnight Hole,

and added 2 panoramas to the  panoramas page.


1/1/06:  Archived the 2005 Christmas pic here.


7/27/05:  Added 4 more scenes to the  Interactive Panoramas page.


7/10/05:  Added 2 more scenes to the  Interactive Panoramas page.


6/22/05:  Added the  Interactive Panoramas page.


1/30/05:  Added Grotto Falls, Hen Wallow Falls, Honey Cove Branch,

Husky Branch Falls, Indian Flats Falls, Rhododendron Creek,

Whiteoak Flats Creek, and Whiteoak Sink Falls

and added new pictures to  Cataract Falls, Lynn Camp Prong, and Spruce Flat Falls

 changed some of the  Favorites,

and added 5 panoramas to the  panoramas page.


8/15/04:  Added Devil's Elbow,  Double Knob Gap Branch Falls, Frolictown Creek, 

Granny Burrell Falls,  Hunt Fish Falls, Indian Wells Falls, Juney Wank Falls,

Kephart Prong / Sweat Heifer Creek, Little Lost Cove Creek Falls, Mingo Falls, 

Tom Branch Falls / Deep Creek, Tory Falls, Upper Cascade Falls, Upper Warden Falls

 and added new pictures to Crabtree Falls, Greenland Creek Falls, 

Lower Cascade Falls, Lower Warden Falls, Middle Warden Falls, North Harper Creek Falls, 

Roaring Fork Falls, Schoolhouse Falls, and Upper Creek Falls,

and added to the  Favorites.


6/12/04:  Added Shore-Styers Mill Cascade,

and added 2 panoramas to the  panoramas page.


1/19/04:  Added Chestnut Falls, John's Jump Falls, Slippery Witch Falls, Twin Falls

Upper Courthouse FallsRaven Rock Falls, Little Bradley Falls, Flat Creek Falls,

Amanda's Falls, Mouse Creek Falls and Midnight Hole

 added new pictures to 

Courthouse Falls, Middle Warden Falls, and Greenland Creek Falls,

and added a panorama of Mouse Creek Falls to the panoramas page.


8/23/03:  Added Chattooga River Cascades, Silver Run Falls, Upper Bearwallow Falls,

Hickory Nut Falls, High Shoals Falls, Falls on Yellow Branch, Issaqueena Falls

Lower Whitewater Falls, Raven Cliff Falls, Angel Falls, Minihaha Falls and Panther Falls

and added a rainbow picture to Rainbow Falls.


4/18/03: Added Panoramas and changed the  Favorites.


12/29/02: Added Baskins Creek Falls and Big Bradley Falls.


12/12/02: Added Lynn Camp Prong Cascade and Falls, Spruce Flat Falls

Waterfall in Wash Hollow and Bubbling Spring Branch Cascade

and added some fall color photos to Looking Glass Falls.



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2000--2006 All photos are copyrighted by Dan Heimsoth..