Cove Creek Falls                   

If you find Looking Glass falls is too crowded, try Cover Creek falls.  It's just a couple miles away and seems to get only a small fraction of the traffic of Looking Glass Falls.  The downside is the unpaved road you take to get there, but most of the time the road is in good condition.  Just east of Looking Glass Falls on Hwy. 276 follow the sign south to the fish hatchery, then drive past the hatchery parking lot and continue south on the now unpaved road until you reach the large Forest Service sign at the gated road to a group camping area.  Park on the opposite side of the road and hike the 0.5 miles down the road to the first campground clearing, continue on the road and cross Cove Creek to find the second clearing and pick up the trail to the falls back behind the outhouse building on the edge of the clearing.  The trail follows the creek upstream about 0.2 miles to the falls.